The Companies HTW 2019

Nordic Apiary –  北欧科萃是一个基于全新理念的加速器项目,主要针对北欧范围内关注高增长率市场的科技和软件初创企业。通过对接杰出的商业生态环境,我们从极早期起为初创企业提供全球化视野,本地化运作和投资来源支持。

Nordic Apiary –  北欧科萃 is an unprecedented accelerator program for Nordic enterprise tech and software startups focusing on hyper-growth markets. By connecting outstanding business ecosystems, we offer a perfect combination of global vision, localization, and access to funding already from seed stage. Supporting NCSF and participating companies with advises and partnerships.

北欧–中国高科技周2019 — Nordic China Hi-Tech Weeks 2019  

Meet the Nordic tech entrepreneurs & organisations who are this November 12th – 19th coming to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing.

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All participating companies are Nordic startups in early stage, and are:

  • seeking investors for investments in China and / or Europe
  • seeking partners to establish and grow their business in China.
  • seeking Chinese partners for continued growth in Europe

Get access to pitch decks, company facts, teams and receive instructions of how to best interact and meet with the companies.

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 Deal Rooms

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  • 从中国和/或欧洲的投资者那里寻求投资 
  • 寻找合作伙伴在中国建立和发展业务
  • 为欧洲的持续增长寻找中国合作伙伴



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Interspectral transforms 3D data of real captured items into interactive exhibitions for learning and training.


Future Ordering


Future Ordering is offering restaurant chains private labeled app-, web- and self-service kiosk ordering software.

Future Ordering连锁餐厅提供专用的应用网页和自助点餐软件 

Restaurant sales hit $825 billion last year in the U.S., but with margins averaging at only three to five percent per business, they’re always looking for an edge on efficiency and just generally running things in a smarter way.
The restaurant business is getting more and more digitalised. The interface to the customer has previously been analog – a person at the POS or a person at the end of a phone line. Inefficient and hard to optimise.
Future Ordering is offering restaurant chains a cloud based digital ordering SaaS. The platform is a true omnichannel application that can run as app/web/voice and kiosk ordering. The platform is seamlessly connected to the Point of Sale.
Future Ordering markets a complete SaaS for the entire customer facing digital ordering chain. App, kiosk, web, voice, and drive through are current channels supported.
SaaS. Future Ordering is a Swedish company, founded there yers ago. HQ in Stockholm and R&D in Luleå. The company has about 20 MSEK ARR but is not cash positive. Recent investors include Almi Invest and Fort Knox in Umeå.
At the moment we have clients in six countries and have proven the tech in four Food&Beverage vertials. Future Ordering is built based on six years of hands-on experience running millions of transactions monthly – omnichannel.
Main markets are Food & Beverage, specifically Quick Serve Restaurants, Table Service and Contract Catering.
Great team. Fantastic product-market-fit. Traction.
FO is growing revenue and looking to expand outside Scandinavia. The first customer was the burger chain Max Burgers – the worlds most profitable burger chain. is developing a solution to help governments and businesses to track animal health base on AI & IoT. 正在开发一种基于人工智能和物联网的解决方案,帮助政府和企业跟踪动物健康.

Layette/Applicado Oy

Layette provides world’s best maternity care knowledge combined with easy to scale business model.

Layette 结合易于规模化的商业模式提供世界上最好的产科护理知识.


DeskMe is an app for easy sharing of office rooms & desks with a real-time 3D map, IoT devices & a built-in marketplace!



iControl replaces paper reports on the field with a mobile app that works for all types of reports.



We help biotechnology researchers discover and develop valuable micro-organisms by digitizing and automating research.



Bringing the sharing economy to the neighbourhood by offering the leading rental/sharing platform for micro mobility.


Optima Planta

Optima Planta seeks to optimize plant cultivation by finding the best environmental parameters for a given plant.

Optima Planta通过为特定植物寻找最佳的环境参数来优化植物栽培。


Data science for the energy industry


WeOrder Hospitality Technologies

Weorder is a leading Nordic B2B digital commerce provider for the food and beverage (F&B) hospitality industry



Lokatt develops sports helmets, made from plants. Using revolutionary biobased materials, instead of fossil oil

Lokatt开发由植物性材料制成的运动头盔。 该材料采用革命性的生物基原料代替石油基原料。

A strongly increasing environmental awareness through many categories of helmets users, especially within outdoor activities such as skiing & biking. With sustainable, yet high performing options for clothing, there are none for protective gear.

By using high-end biobased plastics and composites, we´re introducing the world’s first high performing, comfortable, and incredibly safe helmet, for skiers and snowboarders – made from plants instead of fossil oil.
Selling helmets, predominantly through online solutions. Building customer loyalty and expanding the product portfolio across several outdoor adventure activities.

The global snowsport helmet market accounts for 6 million €, annually. We are targeting “Sustainable Rebels” within the outdoor culture, and we´re reaching them through social media channels, online forums, and carefully selected alpine stores.
Currently in a product development phase. Having achieved very promising results in CE standard compliance tests, greats customer and media response within the snowsports community, an established industrial network and a strong team.



We build brands promoting business, success and well-being

Now Matters,我们打造促进商业、成功和福祉的品牌

We are building our company in front of your eyes, documenting and sharing the complete experiment with you.

We will test different technologies, tools, marketing strategies, innovations and report our progress so you can learn from our successes and failures.

We are NOT doing it to be nice or because we just felt for it. We believe that by sharing our experience, we will gain valuable feedback from business owners and startups, which will help us in return.


Never lose track of your bag again

Bag Id,永远不再丢失包

Most frequent travellers have experienced their baggage being lost and arriving in the following days, or even not at all. Usually after dropping off your bag, you have no idea if it has been put onboard your plane, or has in fact been left at the airport.​
With bagID GO you not only avoid stress and hassle, but also the worry of whether or not your bag will be there waiting for you upon arrival .as long as bagID GO is attached to your bag, you can track its journey through the bagID app on your smartphone.
Get notifiedThe bagID app will notify you. Instead of waiting in line at the baggage carousel to pick up your bag you will get notified on your smartphone at once it is ready to be picked up.
The bagID app will be available for iOS and Android.
Theft protection
The Theft Protection feature is an “Outside airport alarm”.
​bagID GO also protects your luggage while travelling by other means than air. For example, if you embark on a train for a weekend in the countryside, your bag remains safe in the luggage rack, as long as it is within the Bluetooth range of your smartphone. As Bluetooth technology has a limited range, once your smartphone loses contact with your bag, it will sound an alarm (if you want) and send out its location.​
Simply put, bagID GO lets you focus on enjoying your travels, rather than worrying about your luggage being lost or mishandled. 
ECO Friendly
Every year, three billion air passengers take to the skies, usually bringing with them at least one piece of luggage or more.
​Each piece of baggage needs a separate tag, consisting of both paper and silicone, where it can only be used once, before being thrown away.
A bagID is both durable and helps make air travel more sustainable, letting you enjoy your journey with a clearer conscience.
Saves time
While air travel seems to be an ever-increasing hassle, bagID GO lets you enjoy the ease of travelling again. With bagID GO you can jump the queue at check-in counters and kiosks, and instead, just drop off your bag at your convenience. 
bagID GO’s technology replaces the need for check-in queues and old-fashioned paper tags, using Bluetooth and modern tracking technologies, to transfer your bag’s travel information throughout the baggage-handling system.
Instead of showing up early at the airport and worrying about wasting time checking in and printing a tag for your bag, bagID lets you go straight to the bag-drop and onwards to the security control.
Luggage treatment sensor
Many have experienced their baggage being almost unrecognisable when it arrived on the carousel.​Thanks to bagID GOs built-in Luggage Treatment Sensor (LTS) you can now know exactly how your bag has been treated.

Lion Healthcare

Solving global diabetes challenge through innovation


The world is experiencing a diabetes epidemy! There are over 420 million diabetics in the world. At least another 400 millions are at the danger zone (pre-diabetes). According to WHO, by 2030, 18% of the world’s population will have diabetes. Diabetes has become the 7th most life-threatening disease after heart-disease and cancer. Currently, diabetes costs the society around world $847 billions yearly and has thus become one of the biggest health challenges in the modern time. 90% of the diabetics are type 2 diabetes (TDM).

Diabetes care has traditionally been focused on treatment when people already are sick. It is too late and too expensive to treat once the conditions have developed into a disease. We must start with prevention! In order to do that, we need to provide people with powerful solutions that are effective, easy to comply and affordable.

The problem with the current available solutions for diabetes prevention such as medicines and other methods have drawbacks. Medicines have side effects. Other methods such as life-style changes and exercise have low patient compliance. The consequence of these is uncontrollable diabetes 2 occurrence and  diabetes complications such as heart disease, kidney disease, blindness and amputation due to badly controlled blood sugar. These diseases cost the societies billions of dollars and enormous suffering at the patients.

Lion Healthcare has discovered a technology and know-how on to solve this challenge. Using a proprietary bioactive fish peptides composition, we target on blood glucose- and energy metabolism in the body and help people in the dangerous zone to develop diabetes 2 to prevent the disease. In addition, our solution can be supplementary to the medical treatment scheme for diabetes 2 patients to help keep their blood sugar level under better control.


We craft virtual experiences for the consumer and business sector. Focusing on tours for real estate and retail, as well as interactive 360 videos for travel.