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Prepare for China

The program is fully bespoke for every startup, no pre-made classes or schedules. During 3, 6, 9 or 12 months your company prepares for expansion in China. Parts of this is performed in China, combined with work back home. This is what we call the Co-Creation Studio. Apply to the program and join the Studio.

Growth in China

Get your Growth investment and continue the program, with the focus on building your company operations in China. Parts of your team relocates to China to work together with your new local Chinese team. As a starting point, your new office is located in Shenzhen/Qianhai or Hong Kong.

Join the Nordic accelerator and co-creation studio who is specialized in scaling Nordic startups on the Chinese market


The World’s Fastest Growing Market​

Balanced Global Growth – Nordic companies must look to new markets, aside from the US. Sometimes the legal and financial ambiguity can be daunting and scary. Nordic Apiary exists to overcome that and help with business, language and cultural barriers.

To most people it is a given that the Chinese market both represent an immense size but also a market under long-term growth. It is only the forecast for the speed that is debated. At the same time the paradox is that there is a pressing need for innovation and technology. This translates to an almost limitless opportunity.

Why is there a need for innovation? Our analysis is that the B2B and Enterprise markets are not nearly as technology and innovation mature as in the Nordics. The difference in view on organisation and culture makes China much less innovative in the Enterprise tech markets than in consumer oriented businesses.

China outgrows the US both in terms of market size and strength and is or could be the obvious choice for many startups and established companies.

The global market tension (conflict) between China and the US forces China to look for new markets to invest in. The Nordics are leaders in Innovation, hence known as the ”Innovation Capital of the World”.

It is hard to establish a product in China – which yields a high value for a great solution. It is even harder when targeting B2B, which means that you have to be on the inside, while B2C has a different outlook.

It is also important to recognize that (mainland) China is a totalitarian state with very little democracy, as we define it. Companies can not grow large and founders do not get successful without “the state” supporting it. That is why we see the Nordic Apiary initiative as a totally commercial alternative. It is about helping Nordic early stage companies sell their products and solutions to Chinese customers for profit. Nothing else. It is not a political statement or something that should be viewed as support for the Chinese way of running a company. Nordic Apiary is completely non-political, but very aware of the reality of the Chinese state. We help facilitate contacts between business persons in the Nordics and their peers in China, and help forge partnerships that support good business. This is also one reason why we have selected to work with early-stage companies – to keep focused on the business and nothing else.

Numerous companies believe it is hard, even impossible. We can prove that by adding support from Nordic Apiary the opposite is true.


The Nordics is the perfect springboard for Chinese companies going to the West. Start in a landing ground in Stockholm – the capital of Sweden and the largest city in the Nordics.

In the first landing ground you get support to get ready for the West.

Try out your offering and products on the Nordic market, adjust, try again, become successful in the small Nordic market before making heavy investments in larger western markets, such as Germany and USA. The Nordics are tech savvy, early adopters and very representative for the US and the larger countries in the European union.





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