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Kristoffer Lundegren

Managing Partner

Per Edström

Managing Partner

Simon Nathanson

Chief Financial Officer

Juan Carlos Mauritz

Director Global Partnerships


Director Special Projects

Nick Andersson

Director Business Development

Thamwika bergström

Head of Marketing

Ailin Wang

StartUp Advisor

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Nordic-China Startup Forum

Qianhai InnoTech

TusStar - The Warm Welcome to China

We believe in the power of partnerships, that the best suitable to understand culture and business is the locals. We know the Nordics best, in China we trust our hand picked partners. The Co-Creation programs in China are operated in collaboration with TusStar.

By providing innovation services and building integrated platforms through decades, TusStar have incubated over 5000 firms, among which there are 49 ‘Diamond Company’, 45 ‘Golden Seed Project’ companies, 35 listed companies, and 81 leading talents from “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, “Overseas Talent Pooling Program” and “High-end Leading Talent Pooling Program”.

TusStar never stops the exploration in the incubation business, and will continuesly forge the international and specialized innovation ecosystem. Learn more about TusStar – The Warm Incubator

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