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The Nordic Apiary Model

Not your standard incubator

We believe in partnering with the best start-up incubators, co-working spaces and science parks. What we do is to add on all the stuff needed to get ready for expansion in China, and possibly more. We have a model that puts you and your company “on the same side of the table” as your Chinese partners. That is the key to offset the risk and how you get successful fast.

Get The “China Wash”

Joking aside, one comprehensive program to cover all aspects of getting your company and your solution to be successful in China is what is needed.

We cover all aspects from localization in terms of language and look-and-feel, how will payment work (Alipay and WeChat continue dominate the market) and making sure the on boarding is on par with the best Chinese solutions.

But don’t worry – we will make sure we have a great product–market fit before you launch.

Tech Stack

The Tech Stack is both different, but yet the same when deploying in China. The platforms we are accustomed to in the West are available in China but there are however major limitations to be aware of.

Incubators fail to address the tech stack when discussing China expansion, but being from the tech-side ourselves, we are here to help you stay ahead. We will not recommend you to go to China unless we have full control over all the aspects of the tech stack.

Read more how we can help with your solution below.

A deep dive into the

Tech Stack

You need to adapt to Chinese realities if your solution contains software. Does it also contain specific functionality such as i.e. payment and one on one customer communications? Well, then some of these will need to be changed as well.

Most of us know that Google is blocked in China and with that goes that if your solution is heavily dependant on Google Tech then you need to re-write large portions of it. It can still be a good idea to do this, but more time and funding will be needed. 

Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure are available in China but you will need to redeploy onto the Chinese version and some tools and functionality can be different or missing. Nordic Apiary have a partnership with Microsoft China and together we have a pre-package program for migrating Azure solutions.

Payment functionality is also worth mentioning. A near monopoly exists by the embedded payment fun.

China SaaS Market Share

Yonyou, Beisen, Liudurenhe

GTM Strategy

Is there a market for your solution in China? Where are your customers based? Which city should your company start in?

The starting point is a product-marketed fit analysis for your solution. China is not one market, it is several, and the industrial verticals have different levels of maturity. Many greenfield markets are still untouched.

Which ecosystem is yours?
Tencent, Alibaba, Lenovo, Baidu, JD, Xiaomi, Qihoo 360, and TCL are the most active in startup investments. A majority of Chinese unicorns are backed by these tech giants. The vision, infrastructure, and deep pockets of the Chinese tech giants are the important forces that is shaping the evolution, and accelerating the rate of the Chinese startup landscape. Should your company join any of these ecosystems or should your company rather join any of the 100+ industrial specific ones? Investment intensity and profile vary greatly.

Do you need more investments? Where are your potential investors? Investors in China are often specialized in certain verticals and very often connected to a specific region.

Every company is unique, and needs its customized strategy to be successful in China – there is no “one size fits all” alternative.

Bespoke Plans

We share our knowledge and experience

We have done the serious groundwork needed to overcome the most common barriers. We have a combined Nordic-Chinese team, we have done countless meetings, negotiations, workshops, trips and travels with companies, investors, local governments, organizations, embassies… you name it.

We have done the “go to China” experience ourselves, we know how to maneuver and we will guide you. Our partners are Chinese insiders, they will help with unique objectives, impossible to see from the outside. Their experience in scaling Chinese companies is now used to support you and your company.

Execution is Everything

You need to have plan – but even a good plan will not survive the first contact with reality. It will, however, enable you to make fast decisions and act agile without creating chaos.

  • Make a plan
  • Be prepared to reconsider previously held beliefs
  • Stay flexible
  • Act fast – lack of speed kills
  • Keep your focus

Unparalleled Potential

The potential in the Chinese market is unparalleled, but you need to evaluate your potential carefully. Build your knowledge – don’t just trust “China experts”, trust yourself and choose the right partner to help you on your mission.

  • Do your research
  • Keep yourself informed
  • Prepare at 'home'
  • Identify your markets and customers
  • Visit China and your markets – several times – before making any decisions

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