The first 100M MegaCity?!

Recently I visited Suining in China, an example of a new category of rising Chinese cities relevant to western companies serious about a business future in China.

Would be great to get in contact with Nordic or European companies with a presence in the region or is on the way. Please send me a PM.

Suining is located on the central reaches of the Fu River in Sichuan province, bordering Chongqing, to the east and the provincial capital of Chengdu to the west. If the forecast that this will be the worlds first megacity with +100M citizens is correct, Suining will be just in the middle. With both Chengdu and Chongqing city centers within 30 minutes with the high-speed railway.

Suining is a booming city with a wide range of roles, not only limited to domestic tourism, but also shows the first proofs that the future will include financial-services, R&D, and high-tech.

Suining is the Hometown of Guānyī. At the Swedish-Chinese “Dragon Gate” there is a gigantic Guānyīn statue – a sign in the sky indicating that Suning is a city with many roles to play in the future.

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