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Scaling Nordic Tech Companies

To the Fastest Growing Global Markets

Are you ready to scale your sales and business globally?

Reach Global Growth & Valuation

B2B sales & establishment for Nordic tech companies in non-western growth markets can be challenging.
The greatest mistake is to believe that you can use the same strategy for sales & market expansion,
as you have done in Europe

With our Co-Creation Investment model & global partnerships. We take Nordic & European tech companies
to non-western global growth markets earlier and faster than what has previously been possible

Providing tech companies the fastest possible time to global sales
10 new enterprise customers within 18 months
Highest company valuation up to 10X in shortest possible time

What We Can do For You

We help Tech Companies with Enterprise Sales & Investment in Growth Markets


Start sales from day one

Receive investment to support your sales growth

About Nordic Apiary

We are a Private Commercial Co-Creation & Investment Studio
A Global Apiary of Enterprise Customers, Investors & Innovation


We synchronize investment & enterprise sales
between Northern Europe & global growth markets


We don’t make reports or analysis

We are serial entrepreneurs, investors & experienced in enterprise sales

Sharing risk & success with our companies

Industry Verticals

Digital & Green Innovation
B2B solutions enabled by industry 4.0






Fastest Growing Global Markets

We focus on the East & Southeast Asian Markets.

With China, Malaysia, Vietnam & Indonesia as entry points for regional sales & scale

Markets with large populations + fast economic growth
= fastest possible scale of business, company valuation & environmental impact

We have entered the Asian century. Asia will for the next 50 years be the main driving engine
in world economy & technological development.

This is where the Nordic tech companies largest enterprise customers can be found

The Nordics

The Nordics are the world’s leading hub in Innovation, Digitalization & Sustainability


+10.000 of the world’s most technologically advanced companies are born global & looking for growth markets


They are all Nordic & you can find them through us

Are You Ready For Global Scale?

Do you have the ambition to reach global growth & valuation?


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Apiary Mission

We are on a Mission to Future Proof Nordic & European:


Access to Global Growth

Impact on Global Sustainability

Global Capacity


Non-western markets’ business culture & political systems poses difficulties for European companies.

We help our companies to success in the most challenging & competitive growth markets

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